Sunday, April 27, 2014


Here I am. Hiding behind my camera where I prefer. 

Life as a Wallflower

My name is Rebecca Sherman-Luce, Becca Luce for short.  I have both my parents last names. Sherman being my moms maternal name, and Luce as my dads last name.  I am a wallflower. I prefer not to be center of attention and prefer small groups over large ones. If you find me in a large group, I am most likely going to be with my family.  My family is made up of 3 big brothers, all being the oldest of the bunch, two older sisters, and two younger sisters. Yes, you counted right. There are 8 of us. My parents were busy, and still are with six, going on seven grandchildren (eight if you count my nephew Jeter, a Labrador retriever).   My baby will be number seven. Right now I am NINE months pregnant. One more month till I can say I have made my own human being! I should say, we created, considering her dad is going to be spoiling her rotten (and already has). This is the main reason for this blog. I hope to capture life in the stills and reintroduce my long lost passion of writing.  

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